Covid-19 Prevention Guidelines

It is my hope that you are all doing well. Following the directives issued by His Excel. YK Museveni during his Address to the Nation earlier today, the AMDA Executive Committee would like to advise as follows;

Palm Sunday 05/04/2020

The President has directed that all religious gatherings in churches, mosques, open air places be suspended for 32 days. This automatically implies we shall not have our Palm Sunday as an AMDA Mass since it falls within the 32-day period that is covered by the suspension. Palm Sunday had been scheduled for Sunday, 5th April 2020 to be animated by Maryhill Old Girls' Association (MOGA) and they were super ready to animate it! We advise that MOGA are provisionally rescheduled to animate the Apr end AMDA Mass of Sunday 26th Apr 2020 on assumption that the presidential suspension shall not be extended beyond 32 days. If it is, the change shall be communicated. 

Animation Schedule

The shift of MOGA to animate the April end AMDA Mass implies that the 2020 Animation schedule has generally shifted such that the subsequent animators shall animate the month following that in which they were initially scheduled to animate; i.e. if a parish/group was to animate in the month of 'M', they are now provisionally rescheduled to animate in the month of 'M+1' (e.g instead of May, now it's June, and so on..). We shall, in due course release a fresh Animation Schedule to have this change cleared and firmed up.

Masses And/or Prayers in AMDA Families (In Homes of AMDA Members)

These too have been suspended for the next 32 days since at such gatherings the number of people in attendance are always exceeding 10, almost 100% of the time!

Other AMDA Activities/Events Suspended:

The following AMDA activities/events have been suspended until further notice, except as guided in the subsequent paragraph:

  1. AMDA Charity Event/Visit to St. Lilian Home of the disabled in Gayaza which had been scheduled for Sat, 28th March 2020
  2. AMDA Leaders Mass at the Rubaga AMDA Project that had been scheduled for Sun, 29th

March 2020

  1. AMDA Youth Charity Visit to the Uganda Cancer Institute, Mulago that had been scheduled for Sat, 4th April 2020

These events/activities have been suspended because they will certainly attract more than 10 people. For a) and c) above, the affected groups, if they can, may delegate not more than 10 colleagues to represent them and deliver the donations.

We are all encouraged to keep praying for our country so that the deadly virus does not reach here!

Thank you all, may God bless you and continue to protect you, today, tomorrow and forever!

Dennis Ahimbisibwe,

Secretary General