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Greetings dear brethren!

May the peace of the Lord dwell in your hearts!

It's been quite some time since we last gave you updates on what is transpiring and I wish to take this opportunity on behalf of the AMDA ExCo and on my own behalf to update you on a few aspects;

You will recall that at one of our AMDA Masses at Kitante (animated by Kibona Parish), His Excel. the President of Uganda, General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa, pledged UGX 100Million towards our AMDA Rubaga Project, of which up to UGX 30Million had been cleared earlier. I am glad to inform you that the balance of UGX 70,000,000 (Uganda Shillings Seventy Million only) was cleared by the Office of His Excellency the President on 29 January 2021. We extend our sincere thanks to him for this support towards our Project. Thank Kibona Parish too, for the mobilisation.

What are you waiting for if you have not yet joined the AMDA SACCO?! The AMDA SACCO "Our SACCO" is growing from strength to strength and things just keep getting better and exciting. Tell a friend to tell a friend... to tell a friend! The SACCO already surpassed the UGX 1Billion Mark in asset base and it continues to be supportive to her members. It has demonstrated unprecedented resilience in these COVID Times when all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) kept getting better. The SACCO Leadership have organised the 10th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sat, March 13, 2021 at Makerere University Food Science and Technology Conference, starting at 9:00AM. There is no better time than this to arrange and enter the AMDA SACCO. For more information, please reach out immediately to the SACCO Leadership on the following contacts:

i) SACCO Manager (Bernadine Abangira): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0787809377, 0702442206 or

ii) SACCO Secretary General (CPA Gerald Nuwamanya): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0776/0702-279980

We are reminded of the sad reality of death! Unfortunately, no one is immortal and thus it makes sense that we all prepare for the death, should it strike. As per Matthew 24:36, no one knows the day or hour... dear brethren. So we need to stay prepared. The ABF continues to be one of the AMDA's 'to watch' projects and is steadily growing in both the membership and fund base. As of today, the Fund boasts of close to 400 members and close to UGX half a billion fund base. Through the regular contributions of only UGX 20,000 each member each month, the ABF has demonstrated that number do matter and that together we can do so much more.

Members, because of our numbers (as AMDA members) it is increasingly becoming difficult to support a family that has lost an AMDA member or an AMDA member's relation when such a member is not in the AMDA Bereavement Fund. Conversely, it has become so easy to support those in ABF by leveraging on the numbers. This is one organisation that all of us must join as soon as possible (Read again Mat 24:36).

In case of need for more information and support, please contact the ABF Chairman, Mr Robert Ndyanabo on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0789893730, 0752408141.

Remember, all those who have known about the ABF but have declined to join, subject to only a few exceptions, you are already accumulating arrears that you will be required to pay should you later decide to join. This is as per the current Constitution of the ABF. So dear brethren, the faster you take a decision the easier for you.

Regrettably, because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are still hesitant to resume our Monthly Masses at Kitante. We are still doing background consultations to see how best to deal with this dilema and we ask for your patience as we together manage this situation.

In the meantime, all members are kindly urged to attend Masses at their Local churches and ensure you observe Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the strictest way possible as the COVID monster is still at large among us and it kills!

Last but not least, we extend our hearty congratulations to our dear members who contested for different political offices in the just concluded elections; both those that won and those that did not go through.

Those that won, go and represent us well, while upholding the values of Our Mother Catholic Church by demonstrating exemplary leadership that this country is yearning to have at all levels. Those who did not go through, do not lose courage, we are sure the experience you gained can not be overlooked and by the bold decision you took, to stand, this was victory already that can not downplayed.
We continue to pray for all our leaders and our the country at large for peace and harmony especially in these uncertain times of the Covid pandemic. We invoke the Holy Spirit to continue lighting the way for them to always take decisions that are in the best interest of the wider population, as opposed to themselves as individuals.

I wish you all God's blessings in any endeavours that you may be pursuing; may they be to the Glory of the Most High.

Yours Faithfully,

Dennis Ahimbisibwe

Corona virus disease is a global public health concern, and has caused tremendous negative effects on political, social and economic development. According to some studies, social distancing is one of the major ways of preventing the spread of COVID-19. It even gets better with social distancing and masks. Without a lock-down set up, and given our norms and traditions, it has proved challenging to practice social distancing. It is even worse at ceremonies where there is excessive excitement (Parties, weddings etc) or excessive grief (funerals, burials).

Here below are some practical social-distancing methods.

1. Meetings: In open spaces and for a short time. Try as much as possible to avoid serving food and drinks at meetings.

2. Burials: Keep the ceremony as short as possible. Do not serve food to the entire public Only serve food to close relatives.

3. Weddings: Use open spaces, spread chairs as apart as possible. Avoid lining up to deliver gifts to the bride & groom

4. Hospitals. Unless it's your very close relative, avoid visiting patients on wards.

5. Boda-bodas: Ensure your rider doesn't talk while riding you. The droplets from his mouth are coming directly to you. In addition to the mask, he should add a helmet.

6. Saloons: Your barber should wear a mask. Avoid head massage, facial scrub etc for as much as u can.

7. Church choir you actually sing better with a mask on. (Masking is a singing technique). Do not crowd the choir pews.

7. Church avoid the after mass hugs and talks. Go home/to work after mass.

8. Photoshoots keep a distance.

9. Public transport travel only when necessary. Open all windows.

10. Utilise tele-communication as much as possible. (Text, call, Skype, zoom, watsapp, email, etc)


Dr. Criscent Tumuhaise
AMDA Health Council

Dr. Criscent Tumuhaise
AMDA Health Council

There are overwhelming testimonies from people who have recovered from COVID-19, regarding how steaming/steam therapy has helped them.

What is steaming?
Steaming (Steam inhalation therapy/Steam therapy) is a practice where an individual or group inhales steam or vapour from hot water into the respiratory tract.

In most cases, in our settings, this hot water is boiled with leaves of various plants and/or some herbal products or Vick's are added to give the water a certain "flavour" or aroma.

What are the myths
1. Steaming kills the virus hidden in your nose and throat
Steaming doesn't kill the virus hidden in your paranasal sinuses, in the cells of your body.

2. The hotter the water/steam, the better the results Hot steam will scald (burn) your airway and cause you worse problems than Corona.

Does steam therapy have a role in management of COVID-19?
I have read literature (am still reading) and published articles plus testimonies from patients, and my own experience and I conclude that steam therapy has a role in prevention of COVID-19 and possibly fastening the healing process and delays disease progression.

How? What's the science

1. Steam, or inhaled water vapour helps to moisturise the linings that cover the airways (the mucous membranes). This strengthens the integrity of the mucous membranes, enhances repair of the mucous membrane cells and this makes it difficult for the virus to penetrate the cells. A dry inner lining of the mucous membranes leads to "cracks in the cells", delayed self repair and facilitates viral entry.

2. This inner lining of the airways (mucous membranes) has Cilia (hair) which always help to push out excess mucus, by "beating it in one direction" This mucocilliary activity is lost when the membranes are dry. Moisturising them with inhaled steam resurrects this activity, helps to push out the mucus (together with the virus) and clears the airways.

3. Steam has the ability to breakdown or soften the excess mucous that clogs up the airways, hence clearing them. You will notice that a blocked nose opens up after steaming.

4. Vapour is absorbed into the body, and somehow improves the body's hydration status especially in the lungs. This aids blood flow and gaseous exchange.

5. There's no evidence that inhaled steam kills the virus in the body, because no matter how hot the steam you inhale is, by the time it reaches the lungs, the body's homeostatic mechanism has cooled it to basal body temperature. If anything, the virus doesn't stay on the surfaces of the cells while in the body, but rather penetrates the cells. However along the way to the lungs, it goes burning your mucous membranes (airway lining) and creating scalds (wounds) which will later act as entry points for bacteria and the virus itself.

Should we steam?
Yes. It's a good practice. We have always done it even before COVID. It helps to maintain the integrity of the airways. Steaming once a week if you have no flue or respiratory disease. Steaming once a day if you have flue, mild - moderate COVID, or mild respiratory disease. Do not use extremely hot water. Warm water is good enough. Adding agents like Vick's increases the density of the vapour and helps to keep the airways moisturised for a longer period.

Dangers of steaming
1. Burns, Scalds of the airways
2. Risk of viral transmission if it's done in a group
3. Myths (Creating false Hope, and hence abandoning rest of the preventive and treatment measures)

Mrs Schola Ndyagambaki, hands over AMDA cheque to Minister Karooro (PHOTO/R. Kabuubi).

KAMPALA – The Archdiocese of Mbarara Development Association (AMDA), a grouping of catholic faithful from Ankole have donated UGX. 6 million to the National Response Funfd to COVID-19 as the country battles the effects of the Coronavirus disruptions.

AMDA Vice Chairperson Schola Ndyagambaki flanked by other officials delivered the donation on Monday, May 4.

The donation was received by General Duties Minister Mary Karooro Okurut, who also oversees the fundraising effort and the Fund on behalf of the President.

Ms Ndyagambaki said:

“This money has been collected from AMDA members and the association is happy to join efforts by government and all stakeholders to fight this pandemic. This is our humble contribution,”.

Minister Karooro thanked the association for always supporting the governments developmental effort and noted that a united front against the Coronavirus pandemic was the only way to winning the war.

MEPA officials led by Dr. Peter Ngategize handover the UGX. 5m to Minister Karooro (PHOTO/R. Kabuubi).

On the same day, the Catholic grouping of Mbarara Ecclesiastical Province Kampala Residents Association (MEPA), which brings together all catholics from the Western Uganda dioceses of Mbarara, Kabale, Kasese, Fortportal and Hoima also donated another UGX. 5 million, making it UGX. 11 Millie from the two associations.

MEPA Chairman Dr. Peter Ngategize, in the same vein, said the association was happy to join the government and other stakeholders for a united firm response to the Coronavirus pandemic, that has disrupted business and social life.

Ms Karooro said: “We appreciate all these generous contribution that will aid the COVID-19 National Taskforce in conducting the various activities and providing medical teams countrywide with safe working conditions as they fight the pandemic.”

Mrs Ndyagambaki speaking at the handover ceremony af the Prime Minister’s office (PHOTO/R. Kabuubi).

“With your contribution and those from many others we believe that the fight against COVID-19 will be won especially because our frontline teams have been given the necessary support,” Hon. Okurut added.

“I also wish to extend our utmost gratitude to all the individuals, businesses and organizations that have made contributions during this period,” she stated, adding that, “This pandemic is one not to be taken lightly given its global effect and we therefore need to work together to achieve our desired goals.”

Officials from the Catholic Church led by the Chairman of the bishops conference Joseph Antony Zziwa handover donations to the Minister for General Duties Mary Karooro Okurut (PHOTO/Courtesy).

KAMPALA – The Catholic Church on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 donated five tonnes of maize flour and five tonnes of beans to the Covid-19 national taskforce.

The aid was handed over to the Prime Minister, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, in Kampala by the Chairman of the Uganda Episcopal Conference, Bishop Anthony Zziwa, along with the Secretary General, Msgr. John Baptist Kauta and Mr. Gervase Ndyanabo, the head of laity in Uganda.

Dr. Ruganda hailed the Catholic Church for this gesture. He remarked that has also it has gone an extra mile to distribute food to people in the different dioceses all-over the country.

In his remarks, Bishop Zziwa appealed to Ugandans against being complacent with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prime Minister, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda and the Chairman of the Uganda Episcopal Conference, Bishop Anthony Zziwa pose for the photo (PHOTO/Courtesy).

Bishop Zziwa said the community is filled with all sorts of myths and talks, with some saying COVID-19 is not a disease for the Africans while others say it’s not in Uganda which talks he said, put the lives of Ugandans at risk.

This comes as the country has now registered 97 coronavirus cases the latest being two cases from the community while six are truck drivers who were tested from 2,061 samples by the Ministry of Health.

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