Maureen succumbed to a Heart Complication in the evening of Sunday, 14th August 2016. She had lived a very distinguished life of a very selfless person, very prayerful and she so much loved Mother Mary. No wonder she died on the Eve of Mother Mary’s Feast Day of Assumption (15th August), a day of great significance in the Catholic Church, the world over. It is also worth noting that she had been scheduled to do a pilgrimage to Kibeho (Read about “Our Lady of Kibeho”) in Rwanda at the time she passed on!

Maureen was such a loving mother to everyone and a Role Model – to the AMDA Women, the AMDA Youths, the Leaders, the young and the old, generally everyone. She was a smart, astute, thorough and immaculate person yet with unprecedented humility. Above all, the Late Maureen put a lot of effort and passion in ensuring that she used all means available to help the needy go to school. Notable among the people she supported together with her husband Emmanuel Mbarebaki was Rev. Fr. Fred Gumisiriza, ordained to the priesthood on July 23, 2016.

Proposed Name

  • AMDA MOMO Scholarship Fund (AMSF)


  • To accumulate a Pool of Funds that will help to take to school the underprivileged children, especially girls.
  • To support and supplement the Mbarara Archdiocesan Initiative of educating the girl child.
  • Qualification to be supported by the AMSF:
  • A child of any member of AMDA assessed and verified to be underprivileged by a responsible vetting committee that the fund shall establish.
  • A child of any parishioner from the AMDA Home Parishes assessed and verified to be underprivileged by a responsible vetting committee that the fund shall establish.

How Funds will be raised

  • Each year  AMDA will  hold  a memorial  mass and fundraise  for AMSF
  • Other  events such as dinners  and   charity walks shall be considered
  • Owners  of    schools will  be encouraged to  offer scholarships
  • Any other  methods as  determined  by the  fund  managers

Management of the Fund

The fund will be managed under the AMDA Education Council in liaison with the AMDA Women’s Council since it shall have a leaning towards supporting the girl child.

  • Supreme Governing Body: The AMDA Executive Committee
  • Secretariat: 7 man committee constituting the following;
  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Organizing and publicity secretary
  • 03 Committee members
  • The Fund Management shall be required to put in place, a robust system to ensure the most transparent and equitable methodology of awarding scholarships to the needy beneficiaries.

Support to the Beneficiary

  1. The support to the AMFS Beneficiary shall constitute full or partial sponsorship of tuition and/or other expenses as the Council shall have assessed.
  2. All beneficiaries seeking sponsorship shall be required to apply for it in writing and their applications shall be assessed and verified by the Committee.


  • The funds shall be kept on an Account opened in the AMDA SACCO even if the Fund itself shall be an independent body from the SACCO.
  • There will be a regular Financial Report to the members at general meetings or at such other intervals as the members may deem fit from time to time.


  • In the event that the Fund shall have any unused funds, such funds shall be invested in ventures approved by the Fund Members in a manner that shall be agreed by members. The fund members may agree to set up structures to execute this, including the formation of an Investment Committee or such as other Organ as the members may deem fit
  • All earnings from this Investment shall be 100% ploughed back into the Fund to grow it further.