Social distancing To limit Spread of COVID-19

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Corona virus disease is a global public health concern, and has caused tremendous negative effects on political, social and economic development. According to some studies, social distancing is one of the major ways of preventing the spread of COVID-19. It even gets better with social distancing and masks. Without a lock-down set up, and given our norms and traditions, it has proved challenging to practice social distancing. It is even worse at ceremonies where there is excessive excitement (Parties, weddings etc) or excessive grief (funerals, burials).

Here below are some practical social-distancing methods.

1. Meetings: In open spaces and for a short time. Try as much as possible to avoid serving food and drinks at meetings.

2. Burials: Keep the ceremony as short as possible. Do not serve food to the entire public Only serve food to close relatives.

3. Weddings: Use open spaces, spread chairs as apart as possible. Avoid lining up to deliver gifts to the bride & groom

4. Hospitals. Unless it's your very close relative, avoid visiting patients on wards.

5. Boda-bodas: Ensure your rider doesn't talk while riding you. The droplets from his mouth are coming directly to you. In addition to the mask, he should add a helmet.

6. Saloons: Your barber should wear a mask. Avoid head massage, facial scrub etc for as much as u can.

7. Church choir you actually sing better with a mask on. (Masking is a singing technique). Do not crowd the choir pews.

7. Church avoid the after mass hugs and talks. Go home/to work after mass.

8. Photoshoots keep a distance.

9. Public transport travel only when necessary. Open all windows.

10. Utilise tele-communication as much as possible. (Text, call, Skype, zoom, watsapp, email, etc)


Dr. Criscent Tumuhaise
AMDA Health Council