Bereavement Fund FAQs

A1: ABF stands for "AMDA Bereavement Fund" and it commenced on July 01, 2016.

A2: Membership is currently at UGX 50,000 while the monthly subscription is currently at UGX 20,000.

A3: Yes and it is highly encouraged. A number of ABF members pay an annual lumpsum (20,000x12=240,000 at once).

Q4: When a member dies, his/her family currently receives UGX 3,000,000=, while if a member loses a qualifying relative (as highlighted in Q5 below), such a member's family currently receives UGX 1,000,000=.

A5: A member's Relatives;

 ▪Biological/legally adopted children




A6: Yes, apart from the 3M and 1M payable in the events described above respectively, each ABF member is currently required to contribute UGX 10,000= to the bereaved member/family.

A7: Yes. All those members who join from time to time are required to pay monies that must bring them at par with members that joined on July 01, 2016 when the ABF commenced. Because we are already investing the money contributed by existing ABF members, this is also to make sure that new entrants are entitled to the same benefits like those of existing members

A8: Identifying with other members in times of need e.g. attending any sanctioned meetings and in case of death attending the vigil, Requiem Mass, Burial, etc

A9: No, each member joins the ABF in their own individual right.

A10: Yes. Each member is looked at in their own individual right and in this case, each of these 3 members will have a lost a father thus their membership positions receiving UGX 3,000,000= (@ receiving 1,000,000=).

A11: No, each person must have only one membership position in the ABF.

A13: Any AMDA Member qualifies to be a member of the AMDA Bereavement Fund.

A14 (a): A member who misses a scheduled meeting without clear justification shall be required to pay a fine of 10,000=.

A14 (b): A member whose position of arrears is in excess of 3 months shall not be entitled to benefits in Qn4 and Qn6 above when s/he loses a relative. The same penalty shall apply to his/her family when s/he passes on.

A15: ABF members shall determine from time to time how to invest such excess funds so as to earn a return on the investment. There is a plan to set up an Investment Advisory Committee as one of the organs of the Fund.

A16: Ms. Bernadine Abangira, ABF Treasurer (0787809377/0702442206).

A17: Mr Robert Ndyanabo, ABF Chairman (0789893730/0752408141).

       Mr Collins Tumusiime, ABF Secretary-General (0776698302/0704600496).

      Ms Bernadine Abangira, ABF Treasurer (0787809377/0702442206).

1. Where amounts have been stated, such amounts are indicative of the status quo but may be revised from time to time as agreed upon by the ABF members.

2. All ABF members shall be required to fill a bio-data form indicating who the next of kin, and the beneficiaries to be covered by the fund shall be.


  1. Robert Ndyanabo – Chairman (0789893730/0752408141)
  2. Collins Tumusiime- Secretary-General (0776698302/0704600496).
  3. Bernadine Abangira – Treasurer (0787809377/0702442206).
  4. Edward Mwine Mutakirwa – Committee Member (0702505152).
  5. Stephen Magara – Committee Member (0782788679).


Thank you all.

Collins Tumusiime

For ABF Secretariat