AMDA Bereavement Fund (ABF)

In Rushanje Parish (Mbarara Archdiocese), there is an old man named Bitangaaza. His name sounds rather strange and many have been curious to know a little more about it. Other than the circumstances that led to his parents naming him “Bitangaaza”, It is told that the name is actually an abridged version of “Ebya Ruhanga Bitangaaza”. Pastor Wilson Bugembe, a re-known gospel artist would say “Ebintu bya Mukama bibuzaabuza!”. Many times, what you least expect to happen is what happens and what you most expected to (actually knew would) happen, is what doesn’t! Indeed God’s ways are not man’s ways!

In the history of AMDA, we lost various distinguished members unexpectedly. All of them close to us.

What do we learn from this experience?

This re-awakens us that death is inevitable. It’s not a probability, it is a certainty. We all know 100% that we shall one day “expire” and leave this earth. What is not known of course are the other details – the when, where and how this will occur! Matthew 25:13 says “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or hour“. Instead of Maureen, it could have been anyone else, including you or me. If you can insure against risks that may never even materialize, what about that that you know 100% will one day happen? Why not be part of a system to cater for this hard fact when it finally occurs? Why not join the AMDA Bereavement Fund (ABF)?

About the AMDA Bereavement Fund (ABF)

In April this year, AMDA Leaders passed a Resolution to start the AMDA Bereavement Fund (ABF). I call upon (again) every AMDA Member to join this Fund without hesitation – you don’t know when your time or that of your loved one shall come!

Here below, I outline a few points that you need to know about the ABF:

Purpose: To help members organize a befitting send off for themselves and their immediate relatives and to enhance the unity of AMDA members.

Qualification to be a member: Any member of AMDA above 18 years.

Actual Membership: Any member of the AMDA community who has paid up membership and monthly contributions.

Member’s Obligations: Honouring monthly contributions; Physical representation at the funeral or vigils relating to members; and Attendance of regular meetings.


A Member or a member’s next of kin as the case may be, shall be entitled to receive benefits if any of the persons listed below dies;

  • Member him/her self
  • Member’s Spouse
  • Member’s Biological Child
  • Member’s Biological Parents

Equal Membership System:

All existing members of AMDA will be required to contribute effective from the start of the fund. Members joining at a later date will be required to pay all the arrears from the start of the fund except for members’ children who will have become of age or students joining AMDA, upon recommendation from their parents or parish coordinators respectively.

Each Member shall be entitled to only 01 Position.

Subscription and Membership Fee:

  • Membership Fee: UGX 50,000
  • Monthly* Contribution: UGX 20,000

*Members are encouraged to pay contributions in lump-sum, say a whole year in advance.

Management of the Fund:

The fund will be managed under Council by the secretariat.

Council: AMDA Executive

Secretariat: 5 man committee constituting the following

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Organizing and publicity secretary
  • Committee member


For the start, a member’s next of Kin (member’s family) shall be entitled to UGX 1,000,000 if such a member dies, while in case of death of a defined beneficially, a member shall be entitled to receive UGX 500,000. These figures will be revised from time to time by the Fund Members. Members will be encouraged to support their colleagues beyond the fund as they see it fit.


The funds shall be kept on an Account opened in the AMDA SACCO even if the Fund itself shall be an independent body from the SACCO.

There will be a regular Financial Report to the members at general meetings or at such other intervals as the members may deem fit from time to time.


It is envisaged that the Fund shall have unused funds as it grows. Such funds shall be invested in ventures approved by the Fund Members in a manner that shall be agreed by members. The fund members may agree to set up structures to execute this, including formation of an Investment Committee or such as other Organ as the members may deem fit.

Next Steps:

  1. Get some money UGX 50,000 for membership and at least UGX 20,000 1-Month subscription.
  2. Pick up your phone and immediately call Bernadine, the ABF Treasurer on 0788809377 or Venny, the ABF Chairperson on 0772429594.
  3. Pay the relevant dues as indicated and become a Member.

Note that you can pay directly to Bernadine whether by cash or by Mobile Money and be issued a receipt or you can deposit the money on the SACCO Account “AMDA Cooperative Savings & Credit, A/C No. 01061020550512, DFCU Bank, Acacia Branch. Then bring the deposit slip with reason for deposit to Bernadine for a receipt.

For more information, call Bernadine or Venny.



The writer is the Secretary General of the Archdiocese of Mbarara Development Association (AMDA).